Heavy Rotation: Cliff Martinez, Eluvium, The Saxophones & More

It's a new month, and a new name for my weekly music reccos!

Sunday Love (Bat For Lashes) - Amidst an oasis of darkly intriguing torch songs that stand out for the exquisite vocals of Natasha Khan is this shiny piece of electropop goodness.

Shapeshifting (Christopher Tignor) - A fascinating tapestry of sounds, and a unique blend of strings and ambient electronic music, a feat that's all the more impressive if you consider the fact that Tignor performs as if he is a one-man band! Catch the video here (via YouTube).

Neon Demon, Demon Dance, Messenger Walks Among Us (The Neon Demon OST, Cliff Martinez) - Cliff Martinez's musical score for Drive (not to forget KΔVINϟKY's Nightcall) and Contagion is something that I loved very much for their arresting (and intriguing) blend of electronic and synth sounds, and The Neon Demon is no exception.

Fugue State (Eluvium) - Fugue is a state of mind where one loses touch with reality, in other words a period of memory loss, but can also refer to a polyphonic composition where different musical themes are interleaved together. I don't know what Matthew Cooper (aka Eluvium) had in mind when he composed this stunning instrumental; probably it's a bit of both, for it's a disorienting amalgamation of sparse electronic music.

Because I'm Me, If I was a Folkstar, Going Home, Harmony (The Avalanches) - The Avalanches are finally here with Wildflower, their first sonic outing in 16 years, and it's a woozy, welcoming listen of the highest order, radiating joy and perfect for drifting away, lost in your thoughts.

New Tradition (The Saxophones) - Alexi Erenkov and Alison Alderdice husband-wife duo of The Saxophones unleash a lovely throwback of a song, and I am completely floored. What a beauty!

Division, Horizon (Tycho) - Scott Hansen's frenzied piece of ambient rock is a keeper.

Other notable listens of the week - Adam Olenius' Birthday (Kill for That Jacket), Clams Casino's A Breath Away ft. Kelela, Ice Choir's Unprepared, Rachel Haden's Little Dream, Still Corners' Lost Boys.