Movie Review: Finding Dory (English)

Finding Dory
Second innings are rarely a patch on the originals. So is Pixar's latest fishy adventure Finding Dory. A follow-up to the 2003 fishy adventure Finding Nemo, the movie teems with cute anthropomorphic undersea beings and baits the audience with quite a many emotional hooks that unfold with the urgency of a thriller. Thus ensues a busy hectic ride through an aquatic park as Dory (voiced endearingly by Ellen DeGeneres), a regal blue tang suffering from short-term memory loss, accompanied by her pals Marlin and his son Nemo, race against the clock to find her parents after she experiences a jolt of a flashback to a much happier time in the past. And so off she goes, in the impulsive feckless way only she can, oblivious to the perils of the undertaking. The quest is funny, at times tiresome, logic-defying and often awash with tear-jerking moments, conveying the believe-in-yourself message with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. But for a story single-handedly propelled by a differently-abled character, it has enough warmth and tenderness to merit a watch.