iOS 11 Developer Beta 3 in Screenshots

Apple today released the third beta of its upcoming iOS 11 update to developers. In terms of new features, here's what has changed.

Colours are back in Control Center and Files app adds a new OS X Server location

Refined 3D Touch interface for Notes and Camera apps in Control Center

Search results take precedence over app result matches and indoor maps highlight each level

Updates to Apple Health and new options when accessing Notes via Control Center from lock screen

Other features worth a mention:
  • Content blockers now work in Safari.
  • Drag and drop to copy-paste messages between conversations. (Note: Drag and drop already works within Albums, Files and Notes apps)
  • System-wide Dark mode (aka Smart Invert) is a lot better, even if it's missing support in some apps like Safari, Messages and Maps.
  • Tapping the song name in music widget from Control Center takes you to the Apple Music app. (Finally!)
  • User profiles and social sharing features on Apple Music.
  • Press home to open message is no longer displayed when cover sheet (previously Notification Center) is swiped down and the phone is already unlocked.
  • A ton of subtle user interface tweaks.