Book Review: Five Little Pigs

If Agatha Christie's The Clocks is notable for the fact that Hercule Poirot never visits any of the crime scenes nor talks to any of the suspects, and instead solves the case by just exercising his little grey cells, Five Little Pigs has the distinction of being the only mystery where he solves the murder of a famous painter that happened 16 years ago solely based on witness testimony. Adding to the unusualness is the fact that the same murder is narrated from five different points of view, from that of the aforementioned five witnesses, with one among them naturally being the murderer. You may think that retelling the same story over and over again could possibly be tiresome, but that's where you are wrong. For it makes the case that much more intricate, leaving Christie to cleverly conceal her clues in between those very narratives to deliver an astonishingly imaginative murder mystery that never fails to surprise.