Movie Review: Uru (Tamil)

As a psychological thriller, Uru (meaning fear, and inspired by the 2016 American film Hush) is not flawless, but it delivers on both fronts: twisted psychology and solid thrills. The credit, then, must go to first-time director Vicky Anand, who opens the film with a Quentin Tarantino quote: "If a million people see my movie, I hope they see a million different movies." That the movie forces you to keep guessing and play out the events in different ways is indeed one of its biggest strengths. Like the Demonte Colony that came out in 2015, the filmmaking here is pared-down, with most of the action unfolding in a secluded cottage in Meghamalai that adds immensely to the film's eerie atmosphere. As for the twists themselves, they are ingenious, sure, but also tricksy and a little dubious, if only because the makers cleverly keep quite a bit to themselves before parting with them. Toying with elements of mystery, horror and Saw-type torture-porn, Uru is brutal, crisp and a riveting ride.