Music Review: Fidaa (Telugu)

Composer(s): Shakthikanth Karthick
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Vachinde and Edo Jaruguthondi are cheerful and exuberant, thanks to their engaging folky-electropop sounds and the singers' sprightly rendition. Oosupodu is mellifluous, riding on an assortment of tabla, guitar, trumpet and soft percussion to delightful results, while Hey Mister's pop-rap fusion is spiffy, even as the saxophone lends a brassy undercurrent to the proceedings. The title song too works well as a simple and melodic blend of violin, guitar and mandolin (Is there a tanpura as well? I felt like I heard one), but it's Hey Pillagaada the soundtrack's highpoint. Sung to perfection by Sindhuri and Sinov Raj, the utterly beautiful folky melody is a soothing balm to the ears. Shakthikanth Karthick delivers a lilting score with Fidaa.