Listen: Zedd's "Get Low" ft. Liam Payne

Has tropic house reached its peak saturation yet? After undergoing a mainstream revival of sorts with Justin Bieber's Where Are Ü NowWhat Do You Mean? and Sorry back in 2015, the genre still continues to dominate pop music today and shows no sign of going away. And if the recent wave of songs (be it DJ Khaled's I'm the One, The Chainsmokers' Young, David Guetta's 2U, Camila Cabello's Crying in the Club, Nick Jonas Remember I Told You or Charlie Puth's Attention) are any indication, I wouldn't be surprised if that's likely to be the case in the foreseeable future too. Although you have Kesha's powerful-and-restrained Praying, Clean Bandit's Disconnect (I honestly liked their orchestral Symphony better!), OneRepublic's Truth to Power and Liam Payne's Justin Timberlake-like Strip That Down on the other end, regrettably none of them are quite as memorable as Paramore's After Laughter (Caught in the Middle is so good!) or Lorde's Melodrama, two new wave/pop outings I thoroughly enjoyed this year.

That brings me to Zedd's Get Low featuring Liam Payne. Capturing the current zeitgeist and the tropical house aesthetic that's been embraced by most artists of today, it is not a bad song by any stretch. But it's far too enveloped in bland dancey sounds to make an impact, coming off more as pandering chart-aping schlock than something genuinely exciting. The worst part is that it could have been sung by any male artist and still it wouldn't have made an iota of difference. Have it a go below -