Recent Listens: Delorean, The Flaming Lips, Jess Glynne & More

Some of the recent listens from Alesso, Delorean, The Flaming Lips, Mas Ysa and more...

Cool (Alesso ft. Roy English) - Catchy and melodious in equal measure, Cool is an irresistible EDM love song.

Crystal (Delorean) - My synthpop collection is getting bigger with every passing day but I'm enjoying every song I've discovered so far. Crystal, by Spanish synthpop band Delorean, has a dancey-trancey vibe to it, and I feel it growing up on me everytime I listen to it!

Do You Realize?? (The Flaming Lips) - Psychedelia at its best, Do You Realize?? is lysergic and trippy! I'm so much in love with this song, it has become my new Mykonos.

Dumb (THE HEYDAZE) - The lyrics are... dumb, but the song is quite catchy and the chorus, contagious.

Hold My Hand, Don't Be So Hard on Yourself (Jess Glynne) - Jess Glynne's perky vocals were the highlight of the incredibly arresting Rather Be (and those violins!), and her latest EDM-based singles are no different.

This Summer (Maroon 5) - While Makes Me Wonder is still my favourite of Maroon 5, and I feel all their songs more or less sound alike, I must grudgingly admit they do make some catchy pop music.

Arrows, Margarita (Mas Ysa) - Mas Ysa's Look Up has had me hooked to it, and as if that wasn't enough, he just premiered his new groovy single Arrows. I bet after listening to this it would be way too hard not to sway to its thumping beats (is that bongo by the way?).

Freedom (Pharrell Williams) - Initially an Apple Music exclusive, Freedom is almost similar to his blockbuster hit Happy with all that signature handclaps, drums, an infectious chorus and a generous dose of finger snapping thrown into the mix.

When Doves Cry (Prince) - Can someone please help me? I am stuck in a perpetual loop! The guitars, the drums, the beats, everything blends together beautifully, and the pleasure derived from listening to it cannot be merely expressed in words!

No Ordinary Love (Sade) - Captivating, soulful and wonderfully ambient, Sade's No Ordinary Love is no ordinary song. It's so out of the world!