Heavy Rotation: Prince, Beach House, Lady Gaga & More

Recent listens from Beach House, Prince, Jason Derulo and Lady Gaga...

Sparks (Beach House) - Beach House has been churning out one dreamy number after the other since their breakout Apple Orchard, and Sparks, the lead single from their upcoming album Depression Cherry, is no different. Beautiful, electrifying and psychedelic, it's already one of my top favourites of the year.

Cheyenne (Jason Derulo) - The In My Head singer does a Michael Jackson with a Thriller'esque groovy retro single.

Unbelievable (Owl City) - Typical Owl City feel-good electronic tune, the apparent Good Time-touches aside.

Lean On (Major Lazer ft. MØ & DJ Snake) - Bouncy and very much the reggaeton anthem, Danish singer MØ's powerful vocals pierces through the song in a way that reminded me of David Guetta's Titanium which had Sia crooning the anthemic single.

When Doves Cry, Purple Rain, I Wanna Be Your Lover, Breakfast Can Wait (Prince) - Easily one of my biggest finds this year (yes I know, too late, but better late than never!), and my God, what a fusion!

Fallin' For You (Colbie Caillat) - The beautiful guitars and Colbie Caillat's saccharine-sweet voice form a potent duo in this serene romantic ballad.

Alejandro (Lady Gaga) - I love synthpop and Lady Gaga's Alejandro, despite its Ace of Base vibe, is absurdly catchy.

Sea of Voices, Hear The Bells, Divinity (Porter Robinson) - Not sure what to label it, EDM or trance music, but whatever it is, Porter Robinson's gorgeous electronic soundscapes are ebullient and rhapsodic.

Dreamlover (Mariah Carey), Like a Prayer (Madonna), Can't Get You Out of My Head (Kylie Minogue) - I have been revisiting a lot of 80's, 90's and early 2000's music lately and what a nostalgic trip it's been! Just beautiful.