Tech Roundup: Windows 10 Release, YouTube Mobile Redesign & More

[A recurring feature on the latest in Science & Technology.]

Material Design like Google Search Results Page
  • NASA's New Horizons flyby over Pluto reveals flowing ice and extended haze.
  • Contact with 67P comet lander Philae has been intermittent since it woke up on June 13 after losing power last November, according to latest update from Rosetta team.
  • Scientists confirm a genetic link to depression for the first time; variants in two genes found on chromosome 10 appeared more frequently in populations with major depressive disorder, said the study.
  • France's Constitutional Council approves Loi Renseignement (aka Surveillance Law) that grants authorities warrantless surveillance powers; comes in the wake of deadly Charlie Hebdo shooting that rocked the nation back in January this year.
  • June 2015 breaks the record set by June 2014 to become the hottest month.
  • Famous Renaissance painter and sculptor Michelangelo used Golden ratio when painting The Creation of Adam on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel, shows a new finding.
  • Microsoft all set for Windows 10 release for the masses come July 29; drops Arrow, a new homescreen replacement app for Android.
  • Photo-sharing social network Instagram rolls out search feature on the web.
  • Online adultery site Ashley Madison hacked by The Impact Team; 37 million user profiles in danger of being made public unless the site shuts operations.
  • Josh Greenberg, co-founder of recently shut down illegal music streaming site Grooveshark, found dead at 28.
  • Popular weather apps AccuWeather and Dark Sky turn to crowdsourcing for more accurate weather forecasting.
  • Upcoming phones from Motorola (Moto G), OnePlus (OnePlus 2) and Samsung (Galaxy Note 5 and S6 edge+) leaked prior to their release.
  • Cloud service Dropbox acquires chat app Clementine as it continues to beef up its enterprise offerings.
  • Sony shifts focus to improve overall Android experience; tests a leaner closer-to-stock version of Android for its Xperia smartphones.
  • Google rolls out a (needless) YouTube redesign for mobile web, Android and iOS with focus on simpler navigation (along with a new Material Design like search results page maybe?).
  • Apple sells 47.5 million iPhones last quarter; keeps mum on exact number of Apple Watches sold, while iPad sales decline to 10.9 million units.
  • Facebook goes after YouTube videos; prompts users sharing YouTube links to upload those videos directly on the social network instead.
  • Microsoft gives Outlook a chatty makeover with a new app Send.
  • Popular messaging app Line releases a light weight version Line Lite targeting emerging markets.
  • E-commerce giant Amazon surpasses Walmart to become US's top retailer after it posts surprise profit last quarter bolstered by strong revenues from cloud services (Amazon Web Services).
  • Google+ Photos to shut down on August 1.