Music Review: Srimanthudu (Telugu)

Composer(s): Devi Sri Prasad
Listen to the songs online here: YouTube (Aditya Music)

Rama Rama is stock DSP dance tune, and so is Charuseela, which seems to be definitely inspired by Nangaai (Engeyum Kadhal) and his own Yenna Solla Pore (Venghai). Jatha Kalise's saccharine sweet melody works quite well, while the theme'ish title song gets the perfect accompaniment in M. L. R. Karthikeyan's vocals. Raghu Dixit's rendition does wonders for the pulsating rock-flavoured Jaago despite the evident DSP touches, and Dhimma Thirigae, its massy tune notwithstanding, is tedious. Devi Sri Prasad delivers the usual with Srimanthudu, nothing more.