Music Review: Kirumi (Tamil)

Composer(s): K
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Oc Soru, a fairly decent gaana sung by Gaana Bala, gets beyond the usual with some lovely accordion peppered all throughout. Bala's second song Vaal Veesum Vazhkai is more interesting, thanks to its laidback jazzy flourishes and a splendid orchestration. G. V. Prakash-sung Naa Parraka, the passable Boom Boom Boodham and the dark, theme-like Orayiram Ottaigal are typical rock-based pieces, but K shows his best side in the simple yet stunningly tuned Naanal Poovaai. Kirumi sees K somewhat back in form, though I am still waiting for a Box (Pandora) to bowl me over.