Heavy Rotation: Depeche Mode, One Direction, Tennis & More

One Direction drops a surprise single post Zayn exit, as Demi heats up the summer with her cool pop anthem...

Cool for the Summer (Demi Lovato) - A cool, but very mainstream, summer pop track, where Demi sings about being bicurious and ready to have some fun.

Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode) - Words are very unnecessary, just listen to the song!

Stereo Hearts (Gym Class Heroes ft. Adam Levine) - A sing-along'ish hip-hop tune that equates music with love. What's there not to like?

Drag Me Down (One Direction) - The timing could not have been more perfect? Barely a day after Zayn Malik announced his record deal with RCA, here are his ex-band mates stealing his thunder with their new single Drag Me Down. As for the tune itself, it's classic Backstreet Boys, almost reminiscent of Larger Than Life. (All these lights, they can’t blind me/ With your love, nobody can drag me down... goes the hook.)

I'm Callin' (Tennis) - Alaina Moore's soft vocals and the mellow guitary arrangements commingle together for a breezy ditty.

Riptide (FlicFlac Remix) (Vance Joy) - Riptide is one of my favourite songs, and while I'm no big fan of remixes in general, Max Gain and Kevin Richi of FlicFlac give it a bouncy touch, adorning the already catchy tune with whistles, soft beats and ukuleles.