Music Review: Super 30 (Hindi)

Composer(s): Ajay-Atul
Listen to the songs online here: JioSaavn

Jugraafiya is signature Ajay-Atul, characterised by sweeping string sections and waltz'y arrangements — and Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghoshal lend perfect backing as always. The thrilling Paisa, with Vishal Dadlani on vocal duty, entrenches further in the retro soundscape, and Basanti No Dance, its grating galat English aside, works exceedingly well as an exuberant Holi piece, its rhythmic dholak-driven percussion emerging the highlight. Question Mark has actor Hrithik Roshan leading the vocals, but the orchestration — a languid retro jazz prelude that undergoes a change in tempo for a more engaging 70's sound — more than makes up for it. In Niyam Ho, the composers are back to where they started, finding themselves once again in familiar turf that's very orchestral and grand. Super 30's score has Ajay-Atul's stamp all over it, which — while repetitive — is nonetheless pretty.