Jul '19 Book Preview: Helen Philips, Kimi Eisele, Laura Lippman & More

A monthly series on the most interesting upcoming book releases...

The Lightest Object in the Universe - Kimi Eisele (Jul. 9) - The Lightest Object in the Universe is a story about reliance and adaptation, a testament to the power of community and a chronicle of moving on after catastrophic loss, illustrating that even in the worst of times, our best traits, borne of necessity, can begin to emerge.

Jacob's Ladder - Ludmila Ulitskaya (translated by Polly Gannon) (Jul. 9) - Spanning the seeming promise of the prerevolutionary years, to the dark Stalinist era, to the corruption and confusion of the present day, Jacob's Ladder is a pageant of romance, betrayal, and memory.

The Need - Helen Phillips (Jul. 9) - In The Need, Helen Phillips has created a subversive, speculative thriller that comes to life through blazing, arresting prose and gorgeous, haunting imagery.

A Girl Goes into the Forest - Peg Alford Pursell (Jul. 16) - Following her acclaimed debut, Show Her a Flower, A Bird, A Shadow, award-winning author Peg Alford Pursell explores and illuminates love and loss in 78 hybrid stories and fables.

The Nickel Boys - Colson Whitehead (Jul. 16) - Based on the real story of a reform school in Florida that operated for one hundred and eleven years and warped the lives of thousands of children, The Nickel Boys is a devastating, driven narrative.

The Lady in the Lake - Laura Lippman (Jul. 23) - The revered New York Times bestselling author returns with a novel set in 1960s Baltimore that combines modern psychological insights with elements of classic noir, about a middle-aged housewife turned aspiring reporter who pursues the murder of a forgotten young woman.

(Blurbs reproduced verbatim from Goodreads.)