Heavy Rotation: Ariana Grande, Few Bits, Mitski & More

The week when listening to James Blake, his play with silences and his gorgeously tuned electronic ballads gave my life a new colour! A blissful timeless classic, that's what it is.

In Common (Alicia Keys) - Where Alicia Keys becomes the latest singer to join the dancehall zeitgeist.

Into You (Ariana Grande) - A signature Ariana Grande song, featuring her signature vocal cadence, almost sounding like a faster version of Problem. But goodness is that synthetic hook catchy!

Summer Sun (Few Bits) - Jangly guitars and a lush orchestration make this gauzy dreampop song an instant addiction.

I&I (LUH) - Ellery James's gravelly voice finds its perfect match in the intricate textured sounds, ending the rock number on a musical high.

I'll Lead You There (Message To Bears aka Jerome Alexander) - A song as ambient and mesmerising as this should never get over. It's criminal!

Happy (Mitski) - A state of happiness has never sounded this ominous to be honest.

She Shakes (Pure Bathing Culture) - It's summer, and nothing makes the onset of the season more clear than this bright, dreamy piece of guitar-pop from the Oregon-based indie outfit.