Tech Roundup: Windows 10, Google I/O & More

[A recurring feature on the latest in Science & Technology.]
  • Antarctica experiencing dramatic ice loss, shedding 55 trillion litres of water per year since 2009, reports a new satellite study led by University of Bristol.
  • NASA's Curiosity rover captures beautiful blue-tinted sundown on Mars.
  • Oldest stone tools unearthed from the shores of Lake Turkana in Kenya date back to 3.3 million years; even pre-dates the Homo genus, suggesting Australopithecus afarensis or Kenyanthropus platyops to be "more sophisticated than was thought."
  • The height of a 80-100 km stretch of the Langtang Himal mountain range in the Himalayas drops by a metre in the recent devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal.
  • US Government green lights Shell's plans to drill oil off Alaskan coast in the Arctic Ocean.
  • World Health Organisation declares Liberia Ebola-free.
  • US Circuit Court of Appeals rules NSA's amassing of domestic telephone records as illegal.
  • In a global first, Indian online retailer Flipkart's fashion portal Myntra pulls the curtain on website-based e-commerce and becomes an app-only platform; Flipkart to follow suit later this year.
  • Microsoft wants its customers to go from needing to wanting Windows; showcases universal apps for Windows 10, cross-platform Office add-ons, a new web browser Edge and brings in software development kits to port Android and iOS apps to Windows with minimal effort (like BlackBerry) at its Build conference.
  • Google's annual developer conference Google I/O scheduled for May 28; Android M expected to be unveiled (will Hangouts be updated to Material Design at least now?).
  • Facebook officially launches Instant Articles that lets users read hosted full-length articles from New York Times, Guardian and National Geographic from within the social network itself; begins using Nokia Here Maps in place of Bing Maps on its mobile site and said to be testing an in-app search engine to search and seamlessly share links from the Internet (You better watch out, Google!).
  • Recently shut down illegal music streaming service Grooveshark back online as
  • Yahoo owned Flickr gets a major redesign with Google Images-like colour-based image recognition and search.
  • Google overhauls Product Forums and web version of Google Play Music with a Material Design makeover; YouTube's font changed from Arial to Roboto, the official typeface used in Android.
  • Dropbox acquires Umano, a service that offers voiceovers for articles from various websites, "to help people get more done together"; to shut it down come June 12.
  • Microsoft to follow Google's footsteps; to boost mobile friendly websites on mobile search results.
  • Twitter results start showing up in mobile Google search results page.
  • US Court lifts YouTube ban on Innocence of Muslims, a controversial low-budget anti-Islamic film mocking Prophet Muhammad that sparked violent protests following its trailer release in July 12, 2012.
  • Apple iOS 9 to include smart home app to set up connected home accessories, transit directions in Apple Maps and bring true multitasking to iPad.
  • Google adds a buy button to pre-roll ads on YouTube; to come in the next few months.
  • Popular ad block extension Adblock Plus launches its own web browser on Android.
  • Microsoft revamps again with a new design and additional features like Clutter to automatically organise emails by filtering likely to be ignored messages to a separate folder.
  • Apple Watch lands its first update with bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Samsung and Microsoft show off similar cross-device content sharing apps Flow and OneClip respectively, with the latter functioning more like a universal clipboard.