Music Review: Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Hindi)

Composer(s): Ami Mishra, Jeet Gannguli, Mithoon
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

There's something inherently moving about the title song, perhaps it's Arijit Singh's heartfelt rendition, or it's the lovely violins, mighty soul-stirring either way. Jeet Gannguli's Encore version is splendid too, albeit a little forced and unnecessary, as if it was shoehorned for the sake of having one. Mithoon's Humnava is a showcase of Papon's immense talent, and his singing is so earnest and emotive, you can almost feel the love and the pain simultaneously in his voice. Mithoon, for his part, concocts a scintillating assortment of string-laden sounds that borders on bliss. Ami Mishra's Hasi rides on a breezy guitar-based arrangement and is easily likeable, the familiar tune aside that is. Its other version, sung beautifully by the ever-dependable Shreya Ghoshal, takes a minimalist acoustic route, even as the best of the soundtrack comes from Jeet Gannguli, who serves up an ace in the enchanting and almost Ilaiyaraaja'esque Yeh Kaisi Jagah. Captivatingly arranged and wonderfully sung by Deepali Sathe (and backed by Zubeen Garg), the soothing slow-paced composition is beyond stunning. Hamari Adhuri Kahani is an outstanding thematic musical effort from Jeet, Mithoon and Ami Mishra — mellow, refreshing and one that easily tugs your heartstrings!