Music Review: Kick 2 (Telugu)

Composer(s): S. Thaman
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Mummy Mummy and Mastani are mostly nondescript, relying on heavy auto-tuning to get through. Jonita Gandhi however does wonders with her superb rendition of the Hindustani-styled melody Nuvve Nuvve, but Thaman's processed vocals are a major turn-off. The folksy Janda Pai rides on a ghatam-laden orchestration (that veena in the second interlude is a neat touch by the way) and Divya Kumar's perky rendition, while the anthemic Temple Song is appositely grand and well tuned. The title song is where things begin to look up, thanks to it being a totally catchy and foot-tapping kuthu despite a Ringa Ringa (Arya 2, Devi Sri Prasad) stamp written all over it. Kick 2 adheres to the usual Thaman formula, with the title song providing the much needed kick!