Music Review: Tenali Raman (Tamil)

Composer(s): D. Imman
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

The arrangements in Aanazhagu give it a nice retro feel and Shreya Ghoshal delivers a great performance, but the song on the whole doesn't offer anything we haven't heart before. Krishnaraj does a good job in Aey Vaayaadi, but again the tune is as bland as it can get. So is the case with Nenje Nenje, although Hariharasudan's singing is heartfelt and emotive. Rampapa Rampapa (Mukesh) sounds like a cross between what S. A. Rajkumar and Deva would have composed, and Udal Vaangalayo, in Andreah Jeremiah's vocals, is a passable retro-latino mix. Tenali Raman captures the yesteryear ambience in its sounds to mixed results.