Music Review: Pugazh (Tamil)

Composer(s): Vivek-Mervin
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Anirudh Ravichander breezes through the brassy Naanga Podiyan, however its quirky techno variant Sharpu Gangu is quite catchy. Podu Podu, its funny lyrics aside, is an interesting hip-hop dubstep blend, while Arijit Singh makes a superb debut with the symphonic guitary melody Neeyae. Riding on Hariharan and Chithra's fabulous vocals is the beautifully tuned Vizhigalil Vizhundhavalo, and the fusion of techno elements, thavil and mandolin works darn well. Composer duo Merwin Solomon and Vivek Siva make a worthy follow-up to their promising debut Vadacurry.


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