Music Review: Vanjagar Ulagam (Tamil)

Composer(s): Sam C. S.
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

A blend of Carnatic music and frenetic dubstep doubtless sounds intriguing and Sam C. S. makes it all work seamlessly in Kannanin Leelai, backed by Swagatha S. Krishnan's propulsive rendition. Yuvan Shankar Raja may not be the best singer in town, but he does ample justice to the Aaromale-like latinate tune Thee Yazhini. Santhosh Narayanan croons the dark, twisty Kannadi Nenjan, while Kirukkan aptly reflects a wacky vibe in its crazy beats and Sam's lively singing, coupled with a superb brass and string section that seems to match his exuberance step for step. Sam C. S. pulls off a deliciously experimental genre mash-up with Vanjagar Ulagam.


  1. Do check out Amit Trivedi's Manmarziyaan. I found it to be his best work in a long time.

    1. Yep, I agree. I did listen to Manmarziyaan but just haven't found the time to write the review. Should be out in a day or two! 😊


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