Heavy Rotation: Andrew Bird, Anna Meredith, Pinegrove & More

Ariana Grande gives a sneak-peek into her upcoming album, in a week elseways dominated by Anna Meredith...

Roma Fade (Andrew Bird) - An absolutely rhythmic and thoroughly enjoyable melody, very danceable and instantly addictive, especially for them gorgeous violins.

Just a Boy (Angus & Julia Stone) - I don't know why, but I love this song to bits. But wait, I know why I love this song. It's the voice. That lovely voice!

Nautilus, Taken, Last Rose, Blackfriars, R-Type, Honeyed Words, Scrimshaw... well the entire album of Varmints (Anna Meredith) - Nautilus is no doubt a monster of an instrumental, but Anna Meredith's new album is an aural exercise that's at once ambient, exhilarating, foreboding and moody, all jam-packed into eleven electronic gems.

In God's House (Bat for Lashes) - Natasha Khan's follow-up single to I Do is short and sweet, and once again impossible not to like.

Synthetic Romance (Cullen Omori) - Fuzzy songs are my weakness, and so is Cullen Omori's superbly psychedelic single Synthetic Romance.

Hard to Read (Day Wave) - Jackson Phillips' new EP is here and is a veritable hazefest, just like his previous outings.

The Woman That Loves You (Japanese Breakfast) - After Everybody Wants to Love You, singer Michelle Zauner continues to impress with yet another gauzy single.

Old Friends, Cadmium (Pinegrove) - Indie-rock with lovely country flourishes, and I think I may have just discovered my new sweet spot with this New Jersey-based rock band.

Work (Rihanna ft. Drake) - Say what you will, Rihanna's dance-worthy Work is catchy to the hilt, all the more because of her pronounced Barbadian drawl. To come to think of it, RiRi sounds so different from track to track in ANTI, it's easy to assume they are from different singers from different albums.

Waiting (Vök) - I love all things Iceland (and the Nordic countries in general). Perhaps it has to do with their natural beauty, the vast expanse of breathtaking scenic landscapes, untouched and unsullied by man, and so other-worldly (Christopher Nolan's Interstellar was shot in Iceland, in case you weren't aware!) and utterly hypnotic, it borders on eerie and surreal. Vök's Waiting likewise is no exception; it's beyond stunning electronic pop.

Like I Would (ZAYN) - Zayn Malik's solo outing Mind of Mine is making all the right noises, and while it remains to seem as to how it will shape his next direction, his third pre-release single Like I Would sees him doing an almost near-perfect imitation of Abel Tesfaye's I Can't Feel My Face.