Heavy Rotation: Into It. Over It., Kendrick Lamar, Mitski & More

Here I was, walking through the streets rocking Grimes' Genesis on my headphones, when all of a sudden the same song blasted through the speakers of a roadside club I was passing by. Coincidence or not, Genesis is a heady intoxicating melody!

Get Out (Frightened Rabbit) - As if Death March wasn't enough, Frightened Rabbit's new single will firmly lodge inside your head, refusing to get out, just like the "person to whom you are completed addicted."

Bourbon (Gallant) - In Stereogum's words, "If the song were a cup of coffee, the sonics would be sugar and Gallant’s vocals are a hell of a shot of bourbon."

Anesthetic (Into It. Over It. aka Evan Weiss) - I'm into it and I can't get over it. For this is such a blissful song, a musical anesthetic.

One Way Glass (Innerspace Orchestra) - You, the reader, must be aware by now that I am a big fan of dream pop, synth-pop and shoegaze, and frankly speaking how do you expect me to not fall in love with this kind of hazy music when you have ethereal songs like One Way Glass.

Untitled 5, Untitled 6 (Kendrick Lamar) - Kendrick Lamar's surprise new release continues the very relevant discussion on identity and race, in addition to proving that even his To Pimp A Butterfly rejects can cast a spell of brilliance.

X-Communicate (Kristin Kontrol) - One of those perfectly assembled pop songs elevated to genius level by doing every little thing right. Can't complain!

A Hundred Ropes (Minor Victories) - Addictive synth-pop, with its lush, moody orchestral flourishes hurtling down at a speed defying pursuit.

Your Best American Girl (Mitski) - Easily the best new song I have listened to this week (alongside Lamar's of course), its slow, serene buildup belying the sonic distortion that lays ahead.

Mountain of Song (Nicholas Krgovich) - A jazzy ditty made even more beautiful by the captivating use of horns.

Touch (Shura) - A recent remix of Touch by Talib Kweli prompted me to listen to the 2014 original, and my God, what a lovely song it is!

Walk in the Park (Still Parade aka Niklas Kramer) - From Berlin-based producer Niklas Kramer, Walk in the Park is the kind of jaunty song you won't mind having for company while walking in the park.

Heaven's Hounds (Weird Dreams) - Dreamy synth-pop with a nifty midway guitar twist.