Music Review: Savitri (Telugu)

Composer(s): Shravan
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Anaganaga, with fabulous vocals from composer Shravan, goes for an endearing classical tune adorned by chenda, cymbals and thavil that makes it both refreshing and delightful, while Yazin Nizar leads the adequately engaging techno number Fly Like A BirdPillo O Pillo is pure euphonious addiction, superbly tuned (that flute and veena!) and competently sung by Hemachandra and Lalitha Kavya, as K. S. Chithra and Sai Charan lend their pitch-perfect voices to Chitramainadi, a folksy foot-tapping melody that sees the composer concocting an arresting percussion-driven soundscape. Nara Rohit-sung Maar Maar rides on a heady beat and strummy guitar work to deliver a catchy folk dance anthem that paves the way for an even more irresistible title song, which goes one step further in the rhythmic department, making it a thoroughly spirited listen (the violin outro is an icing on the cake!). Shravan wows with Savitri; it's perhaps one of the most interesting soundtracks I've heard in Telugu in recent times.