Heavy Rotation: Anna von Hausswolff, Long Beard, Love Ssega & More

When the Night Comes and You Are Who You Are, among other picks of the week...

Evocation, Come Wander With Me/Deliverance (Anna Von Hausswolff) - Atmospheric and dark, the expansive soundscapes are unsettling enough to freak you out.

Out of Reach (Annie) - Annie's new single from her latest EP Endless Vacation will make you long for a vacation with its hypnotic beats.

Age of Transparency (Autre Ne Veut) - I'm digging the song for some reason, it's ambient and melodious.

Illusion, Another Go Round, Hesitation, So Good (Beat Connection) - If it was Annie last week, it's Beat Connection this time around. Smooth, synthy tunes!

C.U.R.E. (Boots) - An addictive rap song, bedecked by some frantic arrangements.

You Are Who You Are (Day Wave) - With You Are Who You Are, I am officially declaring myself a fan of Jackson Phillips. A woozy single like no other.

When the Night Comes (Electric Light Orchestra aka Jeff Lynne's ELO) - It's rock, it's reggae, and it's plain arresting.

The Teacher (Kirin J Callinan) - You got to love those horns.

Dream, Morning Ghost, Moths, Twinkle Twinkle (Long Beard) - Dream has been my favourite even since I chanced upon it a month ago, but listening to Leslie Bear's Sleepwalker album is an altogether unmatched musical experience, so enthralling and tranquil that it touches your soul.

Boys (Las Rosas) - Groovy rock music, and very retro!

Pray for Love (Love Ssega) - British-Ugandan singer Love Ssega whips up a thoroughly enjoyable song that's disco, funk and pop all rolled into one. You can't help but sway to its rhythm.

Kamikaze (MØ) - Not as absurdly catchy as Lean On, but definitely worth a bouncy, exotic listen.

Stitches (Shawn Mendes) - A typical heartbreak song, and Mendes sounds just like Justin Bieber!