Music Review: Power Paandi (Tamil)

Composer(s): Sean Roldan
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Venpani, its evident Ilaiyaraaja flourishes aside, carries an enchanting strings-laden soundbed and an arresting melody that the composer and Shwetha Mohan handle with finesse in their respective versions. Sean and Shwetha appear once again, this time together in a mellifluous romantic duet Paarthen (that kanjira!), while Ananthu, with superb backing from Sargam Choir, lends fantastic vocal purchase to Vaanam. Sean Roldan also joins hands with Andony Dasan for an adequately engaging folk-rock piece titled Veesum Kaathodathan, and in Soorakaathu, the composer concocts an energetic rustic number that deserved a better singer than actor-singer-lyricist Dhanush, who incidentally makes his directorial debut with this film. Sean Roldan's Power Paandi is a tad too inspired by Ilaiyaraaja, but I am not complaining!