Book Review: The Devil Crept In

The Devil Crept In
Writing a horror novel, similar to a horror film, is not so easy a task these days. After all has been said and done, the question remains - "What more can you do?" Not a lot to be honest. So you have a creepy town, people who don't seem to care about the strange things that appear to be happening around them, mysterious vanishings, slightly unhinged characters and whatnot. Thus when Stevie one day learns of his cousin and best friend Jude's sudden disappearance, he is distraught. Only ten years old and treated as some weirdo kid, his misgivings about Jude go unheeded even as he has watched enough cop shows on TV to know that every passing moment can only mean the worst. But then out of the blue returns Jude after three days. But the Jude who has come back is no longer the same. And it's up to Stevie to find out what actually happened to him and discover all that's happening in the town of Deer Valley. The mystery, or the horror element if you will, is as old as the hills. But to give credit where it's due, Ania Ahlborn builds it all up quite convincingly until the climax, which gets derailed by a total dampener of an epilogue that's at complete odds with the events leading up to it.