Heavy Rotation: Alexis Taylor, Floating Points, Prince & More

Beyoncé released Lemonade yesterday night and as usual the internet collectively welcomed the singer's sixth solo album with eruptions and shrieks of joy and admiration reserved only for her. To be honest, I don't get the adulation that she gets, but I did love her self-titled album Beyoncé which she released late 2013, with the track Jealous emerging my favourite song of hers till date. Will Lemonade manage to top that? I don't know, for I haven't given it a listen yet (except for Formation of course), but if early reviews from the Times and Guardian are anything to go by, it appears to be "a follow-through to Jealous", delving deep into marital themes of betrayal, jealousy and revenge, exploring what it is to be a woman of colour, before declaring in a reconciliatory note it's all well and good in her life. Is she a "woman not to be messed with?" Definitely, but it also recalls to mind the savage DGAF-ery her contemporary Rihanna exudes. Does it not?

I'm Ready (Alexis Taylor) - "Don't you know I'm ready," thus begins Alexis Taylor, singing the gorgeous piano-laden ballad with so much earnestness and heart, you can't help but fall in love with it.

Kuiper (Floating Points) - Sam Shepherd released the excellent and mind-bending Elaenia last November, and he is following it up with a surprise new EP Kuiper that's scheduled for a July 22 release. The title track, which Shephard previewed days back, is an 18-minute trippy ride boasting of hazy synths, delectable guitar riffs, manic percussion and ambient jazz flourishes. It's overwhelming for sure, but that's where lies its appeal.

Blood Bank (Bon Iver Cover) (Holly Miranda) - Holly's take on Bon Iver's Blood Bank is minimalist and all-round stunning.

Caught Up (Lil Silva ft. Cosima) - R&B with a dose of stuttering synths thrown in for good measure, Caught Up is atmospherics at its best.

Uno De Tus Ojos (Maria Usbeck) - I don't know enough Spanish to appreciate the beauty of this lovely song, but one thing is for sure, Maria Usbeck's vocals are mighty ethereal.

When Doves Cry (Prince) - Music icon Prince is no longer alive in flesh and blood, but his music will live for generations to come. And nothing exemplifies his brilliance better than the stunning When Doves Cry. Indeed the doves must be crying!