Heavy Rotation: Weezer, White Lung, Wire & More

A week dominated by wild guitar anthems from The Sun Days, Weezer, White Lung and Wire...

Salma Hayek (Atmosphere) - Infectious rap with an Arabic twang, now that's one helluva fusion!

Someone Who Can Dance (Icona Pop) - Dance music backed by a sick, electronic beat like no other.

Home (James Draper ft. Abi Ocia) - That heavenly bridge "We find a place that we can call our own/ We seek a place that we can call our own" will be perhaps the best thing you will hear today!

Waves (Miguel, Tame Impala Remix) - Miguel and Aussie band Tame Impala's musical sensibilities are far apart, but this remix version is like tripping on acid.

Lionhearted (Porter Robinson) - A song punctuated by euphoric pace shifts and drops, at the same time building into a sonic climax that's downright anthemic!

Consideration (Rihanna ft. SZA) - Rihanna's earnest appeal to be considered as a serious artist is seriously my new jam.

Don't Need To Be Them (The Sun Days) - The first of the many frenzied guitar'y songs (the remaining follow), traversing a soundscape so gorgeous and woozy.

California Kids (Weezer) - Electric, infectious and if I may say, one of the most catchiest pop songs in recent times.

Hungry (White Lung) - Unbelievably aggressive and frantic, this blistering new single has been on my repeat mode all through this week!

Nocturnal Koreans (Wire) - As aptly put by Rolling Stone, a fast-paced tune awash with dreamy guitars and quick-footed electronic percussion.