Heavy Rotation: Day Wave, PHASES, Rihanna & More

Rihanna's catchy What's My Name? among other new singles from Day Way, Mat Kearney, Phases and more...

Boy (Broen) - I love this track, a frenzied synth-guitar mashup, a combination that can go no wrong.

Seventeen (Chad Valley) - Running short of six minutes, Seventeen's intriguing sounds are ambient, lounge'ish and relaxing.

Stockholm (Conner Youngblood) - That dissonant, tinkling harp, wow!

Come Home Now (Day Wave) - Jackson Phillips, the one-man behind Day Wave, conjures yet another enthralling, mood-altering single. Obsessed!

Lies (Low) - The minimalist arrangements and a slow tempo takes the pensive tune to a musical highpoint.

Nothing Left to Lose, Closer to Love, Heartbeat (Mat Kearney) - Ah, the pleasures of encountering new music at coffee shops! And lovely songs too, but isn't Kearney's voice a tad similar to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin's?

Spark (PHASES) - A mellow, synthy romantic ballad, but my God, what a mesmerising rendition by Elizabeth Anne "Z" Berg!

What's My Name? (Rihanna ft. Drake) - Playful, slinky and peppered with double-entendres, the super-rhythmic What's My Name? is totes addictive and an earworm of the highest order. Plus, in complete contrast to her dance floor-scorching electropop thumper Only Girl.

Princess of China, Disturbia, Hate That I Love You, Te Amo, Stay (Rihanna) - Cold Case Love and California King Bed are my top Rihanna picks, but Disturbia and the Latin'esque Te Amo, its homoerotic theme aside, make for equally compelling listens.

All Yours (Widowspeak) - Casual and laid-back, All Yours is country and dream-pop all rolled into one beautiful song.