Music Review: Eetti (Tamil)

Composer(s): G. V. Prakash Kumar
Listen to the songs online here: YouTube (Sony Music South VEVO)

Siddharth Mahadevan aptly renders the invigorating Oru Thuli, and the folk-based Naan Pudicha Mosakuttiyae, despite sounding similar to his own Maalai Pon Maalai, manages to hold your attention. A Leap of Faith is quite a racy theme song, while Kuiyyo Muiyyo has Ranjith and Vandana Srinivasan singing the fun techno-laced number. Hariharasudhan does wonders in the folksy ghatam-nadaswaram-laden Panjumittai, and the melodious Un Swaasam, backed by lovely strings and a superb singing by the composer, is the pick of the lot. G. V. Prakash is in better form this time with Eetti.