Music Review: Papanasam (Tamil)

Composer(s): M. Ghibran
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

The endearing Yeya En Koottikkaaraa is almost reminiscent of Ghibran's folk tunes in Vaagai Sooda Vaa, but is nevertheless a pleasing listen. Hariharan makes his first appearance for the composer with the pensive Vina Vina, the impeccable string-based arrangements (that frenetic second interlude!) providing the perfect accompaniment. The similarities to Uttama Villain's Guru and Sishya aside, the Theme song is richly layered and so is the pleasing The Bond of Family which builds on Yeya En Koottikkaaraa. Kill for Life, The Police Investigation and A Sinking Car's ominous sounds are apt and intriguing, but This is Me (Suyambulingam) is where Ghibran really scores, binding you over with an arresting concoction of strings and a symphonic chorus that lends an anthemic touch to the tune. Papanasam sticks to the original's two song format, enjoyable all the same.