Movie Review: Mundasupatti (Tamil)

If you think about it, Mundasupatti is everything a wacky film should be. Set in the 1980's, the events unfold in a fictitious village called Mundasupatti where photography is strictly prohibited. The locals there think that exposing themselves in front of the camera will be the downfall of them. A sign of bad luck. Hence the only pictures you would see in the village are of the dead. Sounds interesting, eh?

The story thus takes off when a pair of photographers Gopi and Azhagumani (a terrific Kaali Venkat) are called in to photograph the dying village chief, who also coincidentally happens to be the father of Kalaivaani, the girl Gopi has fallen head over heels in love. As a short film turned full-length feature film, the central theme is quirky enough and guarantees quite a few chuckle-worthy moments (the housewife who wants her husband dead being the most hilarious), but soon runs out of fuel. What you get in between are fillers, like the lifeless/needless romantic subplot for instance.