Movie Review: Biriyani (Tamil)

Director Venkat Prabhu's Biriyani, labelled as 'a Venkat Prabhu diet', is what you would call adequately spicy, satisfying and harmless fun. When best friends Sugan and Parasu stopover for a plate of biriyani at a roadside stall in the middle of the night, their carefree lives go for a toss and the next thing they know, they are being chased for the possible murder of a business tycoon reportedly under the CBI scanner for his shady deals.

Parties, booze, girls and songs dominate the entire first half. The comedy, largely funny and replete with double entendres, works for the most part, though addressing women as 'items', and rating them in 'chickmeter' are all in quite bad taste. It's not until around the intermission that the movie begins to take itself seriously, and despite a trace of the Hangover movies in the premise, the story takes an interesting turn to culminate in a sufficiently thrilling climax. Slickly packaged and garnished with irreverent humor, this biriyani is not the best in town, but won't taste bad either. Venkat Prabhu, in my opinion, should get onto a full-fledged adult comedy. He really has a knack for it.


  1. Biriyani is a most awaited Venkat Prabhu Flick with Karthi released in Chrismas season this year, it’s a comedy thriller with a Venkat Prabhu style of treatment. After the success of Mankatha with Ajith kumar, hype and expectation were high on this movie. But Venkat Prabhu disappoints big time. This movie can be considered as his weakest film till date.


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