Music Review: Dhoom 3 (Hindi)

Composer(s): Julius Packium, Pritam Chakraborty
Film: Dhoom 3

The title song (Aditi Singh Sharma), in its third revision, tries too hard in its attempt to bring something different with all the dhol additaments, but is strictly average fare. The novelty factor in the case of its Arabic version works to some extent though. Sunidhi Chauhan is her usual spritely self in Kamli and is a decent listen bolstered by some funky orchestration. Bande Hai Hum, the kids chorus composed by Julius Packium, is thankfully pleasant and impactful. Of the two instrumentals, Dhoom Tap is foot-tapping and should be worth a watch on screen, the other Dhoom:3 Overture being a rather poor mix of Bande Hai Hum and the title song.

Tu Hi Junoon (Mohit Chauhan) feels devoid of life and boring, while the much touted Malang is just about okay. The Arabic-qawwali mix, a tad reminiscent of Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, is for sure interesting at places, particularly in the interludes, and the singers Siddarth Mahadevan and Shilpa Rao excel in their parts. There's no getting around this. Pritam's music score in Dhoom 3 is underwhelming and hugely disappointing.