Music Review: Nimirndhu Nil (Tamil)

Composer(s): G. V. Prakash Kumar
Film: Nimirndhu Nil

Kaadhal Nergaiyil treads the familiar G. V. Prakash hindustani territory, yet is a lilting listen thanks to its minimal orchestration and a fantastic singing by Javed Ali, Shashaa and the composer himself. Don't Worry Be Happy's (Gaana Bala) percussion driven arrangements are interesting, but in the end it's another usual soup song heard umpteen times before. Rajadhi Raja, the hero intro track, is largely salvaged by the heady beats, while Gita Verses is more of a background material with Haricharan's fiery singing adding the intensity required for the song. The singer is accompanied by the ever dependable Saindhavi for a dulcet duet in the first-rate Negizhiyinil. G. V. Prakash's Nimirndhu Nil stays true to his tried and tested tunes to middling results.