Listen: Fleet Foxes' "Fool's Errand"

Katy Perry's Bon Appétit is jam-packed with food and sexual metaphors and yet the disco-infused dance jam is deathly dull and devoid of spice. It's not for lack for trying. The song, pushing Perry further into the EDM-pop realm, is catchy, albeit done with sledgehammer subtlety, almost making up for the in-your-face smorgasbord of double entendres with an addictive electronic beat. At least, it's not a recipe for disaster. The lesser said about DJ Khaled's I'm The One and The Chainsmokers' Paris, the better. But pleasantly surprised I am by Nicki Minaj's Regret in Your Tears and Miley Cyrus' new song Malibu, a peppy guitar-flecked melody about liberation and embracing a "brand new start."

Also out are Calvin Harris' Rollin ft. Future and Khalid, Baio's PHILOSOPHY!, Wovoka Gentle's They Mostly Come at Night Mostly/Branscombe, Boxed In's Unable, Fleet Foxes' Fool's Errand and Slowdive's 30th June (bonus track from their latest self-titled album). Give it a listen below -