Listen: Fleet Foxes' "Fool's Errand"

Katy Perry's Bon Appétit is jam-packed with food and sexual metaphors and yet the song is deathly dull, and almost devoid of spice. Who would have thought! The lesser said about DJ Khaled's I'm The One and The Chainsmokers' Paris, the better. But pleasantly surprised I am by Nicki Minaj's Regret in Your Tears and Miley Cyrus' new song Malibu, a peppy guitar-flecked melody about liberation and embracing a "brand new start."

Also out are Calvin Harris' Rollin ft. Future and Khalid, Baio's PHILOSOPHY!, Wovoka Gentle's They Mostly Come at Night Mostly/Branscombe, Boxed In's Unable, Fleet Foxes' Fool's Errand and Slowdive's 30th June (bonus track from their latest self-titled album). Listen below -