Heavy Rotation: Beach House, Mas Ysa, Opus Vitae & More

A week dominated by Beach House's Depression Cherry, among other songs from Mas Ysa, Korallreven and Total Makeover...

Levitation, Space Song, PPP, Bluebird, Beyond Love, Wildflower (and bonus, Take Care) (Beach House) - How can Beach House's songs be this perfect? Their tunes are an exercise in hallucination, induced not by drugs or sleep deprivation, but by the lush, trancey orchestration and Victoria Legrand's emotive vocals, yielding untold joy and relaxation in the process. In fact they are that entrancing and transfixing, I've had tears running down from my eyes several times! Their latest Depression Cherry is no exception, and while it's not so different from their previous outings, it's exactly the kind of music I would expect from a band like Beach House. Perhaps one of the very few music groups that can release the same kind of songs over and over again and get away with it!

We Go Back (Chinah) - Slick! If this is what's synthpop, I am ready to immerse myself all day long in it.

Now I'm Ready (Keep Shelly In Athens) - Greece-based synthpop band Keep Shelly In Athens's latest ethereal and progressively intense single is for keeps.

Sa Sa Samoa, Loved-Up, Here in Iowa (Korallreven) - Utterly otherworldly and hazy, Korallreven's dream-pop tunes transcend space and time.

Seven Hours (Little May) - Hypnotic is the word.

Suffer, I Have Some, Running (Mas Ysa) - Thomas Arsenault's is unlike any other electronic music I've heard thus far, so dissonant, yet so euphonious and dazzling. Suffer, from his latest album Seraph, in particular is aggressive, manic and works very well in his raspy vocals. Sample the lyrics, "I don't want another one/ I don't wanna learn nobody's touch/ She won't want to drink this much/ Fuck her..."

Hold On (Opus Vitae) - One of those mellow, guitary earworms that you fall in love with right in the very first listen.

No One Wants It To Happen To You (Small Black) - In mood for some soft but groovy EDM? Then this catchy synthpop song from Small Black should fit your bill.

New Island Highway (Total Makeover) - A plain stunning, layered and wonderfully melodious single from Brooklyn-based electropop outfit Total Makeover's eponymous extended play.

Cardamom (Weyes Blood) - Minimalist and haunting, Natalie Mering's soothing voice takes centre-stage in this lovely melody.