Music Review: Raaz 3D

By now, all must be familiar with the Bhatt's music template. After back to back films like Jannat 2, Blood Money and Jism 2, here comes Raaz 3D. Barring Jannat 2, the rest have been rather a mixed bag. And R3D is no exception. Rashid Khan's Deewana Kar Raha Hai is sweet and engrossing thanks to a splendid rendition by Javed Ali. Of the remaining tracks composed by Jeet Gannguli, only Zindagi Se (Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan) and Rafta Rafta (K. K.) manages to hold the listener's attention with its arresting melody, whereas Oh My Love (Sonu Niigaam, Shreya Ghoshal), Kya Raaz Hai (Shreya Ghoshal, Zubeen Garg) and Khayalon Mein (Shreya Ghoshal) are middling and fail to diverge from the middle of the road. Raaz 3D is a sporadically engaging soundtrack.


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