Music Review: Kirik Party (Kannada)

Composer(s): B. Ajaneesh Loknath
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn

Vijay Prakash effortlessly glides through the breezy and fun Belageddu, and so does Varun Ramachandra and composer Ajaneesh in the guitary Katheyonda Helide and the retro-styled Thirboki Jeevana respectively. More retro feels ensue in the mighty enjoyable Hey Who Are You, while Shreya Ghoshal croons the Celtic-rock fusion Neenire Saniha in her inimitable style, the soulful beatboxing in the arrangements adding to the melody's allure. Last Bench Party ends the soundtrack on a folky high, appositely incorporating bench percussion to fantastic effect. B. Ajaneesh Loknath keeps things quirky with Kirik Party.