Music Review: Vizha (Tamil)

Composer(s): James Vasanthan
Film: Vizha

Madhura Ennum has a very likable rustic charm and the impressive use of percussion aside, the track greatly benefits from the vocals of Dakshayini and Ilayaraja. Latha Krishna's beautiful voice adorns the haunting and minimalist Ennacho Edhacho, even as the singer is accompanied by Sathyaprakash for the lovely folk melody Ennatha Solla, and by Raghuram in the immensely tuneful and brilliantly orchestrated Sollama Kollama. The funeral dirge Nenjadachi gives pathos a whole new spin with its intermittent percussion incorporated alongside Latha's melancholic singing. Sethu Po, with Madhan Karky's lyrics to give company, is mighty imaginative and encompasses an array of different music styles. Vizha is indeed a celebration of folk music, courtesy James Vasanthan!