Music Review: Biriyani (Tamil)

Composer(s): Yuvan Shankar Raja
Film: Biriyani

With a predominant use of flute in the orchestration, (Come and Get Some) Biriyani is an addictive hip-hop track characterized by its tanglish lyrics and a superlative rendition by Tanvi Shah, Bhavatharini and Vilasini. A seamless fusion of melody and hip-hop genres, Nahna Na Nah takes this catchiness to an all new level with its repetitive Nahna Na Nah hook and Devan Ekambaram aces the song with his enthusiastic vocals. Its New Jack Swing Mix works even better, thanks its funky psychedelic arrangements, but the Extended Dance Remix seems to be an overkill of techno elements complete with its own Gangnam Style cry in between.

Although the tunes themselves are middling, Rahul Nambiar and Ramya NSK are impressive in Pom Pom Penne, while actor Karthi makes a noticeable debut as a singer in the sensual Mississippi, with Premgi Amaran and Priya Hemesh ably assisting him. What's even more interesting is the clever suggestive lyrics from the age-defying lyricist Vaali, who alas is no more.

Thankfully things look up with the peppy Run for Your Life (PSYCHO.unit, Gaana Bala), and incorporating an unusual melange of instruments, the track makes for an arresting listen. Do watch out for the nice Mankatha twist in the end. In what can be touted as a fitting finale, composers G. V. Prakash Kumar, Vijay Antony, S. Thaman and D. Imman turn to singing the Nimirindhu Nil-styled invigorating Edhirthu Nil. In his 100th musical and fifth collaboration with Venkat Prabhu after Mankatha, Goa, Saroja and Chennai 600028, Yuvan Shankar Raja proves his mettle as a composer with Biriyani - it's youthful, peppy and appositely spicy!


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