Music Review: Aparajita Tumi

Hearing my first ever Bengali OST, after reading about the movie in the Week magazine a few weeks back, I was completely gobsmacked. Composed by the acclaimed director Shantanu Moitra (of Parineeta and Lage Raho Munnabhai fame), Aparajita Tumi is a soundtrack to be cherished even if one isn't acquainted with the language. Roopkathara is just mind-blowing; with its piano backed simple arrangements and wonderfully sung by Rupankar Bagchi and Shreya Ghoshal in male and female versions respectively, the song is a complete winner. Ms. Ghoshal makes her stupendous second appearance in the soft and melodious Brishti Biday, while Hamsika Iyer (known for Chammak Challo and Chanda Re) is at her best in Chhaya Bhitu Chhaya, another lilting and exuberant melody.

Suraj Jagan and Monali Thakur superbly complement each other in the guitar'y Shadow Tales, a great listen. Jagan, known for his open-throated singing in songs like Karma is a B**ch (Shor in the City) and the likes, is a refreshing change here. Take Me Home is a stunning rock-classical fusion, with Bonnie Chakraborty and Shreya Ghoshal's vocals suiting the song perfectly. The rock based Bola Baron (Anindya Chattopadhyay) too works beautifully, thanks to a simple yet impressive tune and the composer's praise-worthy use of veena. All in all, a wonderful soundtrack from Shantanu Moitra, one that will linger in your minds for a long time to come!