Book Review: A Pocket Full of Rye

A Pocket
Full of Rye
Miss Marple is quite an unassuming character, starkly different from Poirot, who unfailingly never forgets to show off his talents at every turn. But in A Pocket Full of Rye, she is hardly present except for a few scenes, as the entire story is told from the perspective of Inspector Neele. He may be shrewd, but is a vapid character as such. Resorting to a nursery rhyme theme yet again, Agatha Christie builds a fairly engrossing mystery, that of a businessman Rex Fortescue, who suffers a sudden death while sipping tea at his office. It's a pity then the story conveniently pursues and drops evidence against the crime, leaving the reader with an open ending that doesn't do it full justice. As a plot device, the mechanics of who and how in A Pocket Full of Rye may not be as probable as it is crafty, but a satisfactory read it is.