Listen: Talk That Talk (English)

It's been an year since Barbadian R&B singer Rihanna's blockbuster album Loud was out. But even before the din of What's My NameS&M and Only Girl (in the World) could subside, here comes her next outing Talk That Talk. While Rated R and Loud more or less explored dark and edgier themes after her assault by her then boyfriend Chris Brown, TTT is a string of intoxicating singles aimed straight at the dance floor. We Found Love featuring Calvin Harris is an electropop-based high-energy single, with Rihanna repeating the words 'we found love' several times almost like a chant.

She then goes on to sing about her loved one in the catchy reggae-pop number You Da One, searches for him in the totally smashing dance track Where Have You Been, and craves for the same in We All Want Love, in what's one of the best songs off the album. While the title track featuring Jay-Z is highly addictive despite its Rude Boy-like vibe, Cockiness (Love It) is a sexually provocative single on the lines of S&M. Talk That Talk might sound like a filler, but is nevertheless an adrenaline-pumping album that's on a lighter vein, and one meant to enjoy. Go start the music and get on the dance floor, I say!

Update: Coldplay's cover version of We Found Love took me by surprise. The band's version sets aside the song's upbeat dance rhythm for a subdued soundscape that brings out the melancholy conveyed in the lyrics perfectly. Chris Martin's haunting vocals and the song's acoustic makeover will definitely leave you tugging at your heartstrings.

First Reviewed: Dec 10, 2011