Music Review: Chef (Hindi)

Composer(s): Amaal Mallik, Raghu Dixit
Listen to the songs online here: Saavn (1), (2)

Shugal Laga Le and Banjara are underscored by an exuberant base but the tunes themselves are marginally engaging at best. Shahid Mallya does a heartfelt rendition of the plaintive guitar-ballad Khoya Khoya, and in Darmiyaan, Dixit cooks up a lilting melody that he himself sings admirably well. Where he really hits it out of the park is in the catchy, horns-laden Tan Tan sung with infectious energy by Nikhita Gandhi. Amaal Mallik, for his part, leaves a lasting impression in the pleasant-sounding Tere Mere, with his brother Armaan turning in a splendid vocal performance of the melody. Chef is quite a delicious, if familiar, fare from Amaal Mallik and Raghu Dixit.