Heavy Rotation: Fleet Foxes, Panama Wedding, RAC & More

A list of some of the earworms that are too addictive to ignore!

Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? & Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys) - Addictive, rocking and absolutely kickass songs with loads of swag!

Trojans & Symptoms (Atlas Genius) - Soft-rock cannot get better than this! Not to forget the foot-tapping guitar work.

Paddy McCarthy (The Corrs) - One of my all-time favourites, the Irish folk-based instrumental is exuberant and a musical fiesta.

Funtimes in Babylon (Father John Misty) - Fleet Foxes' ex-drummer concocts an extremely pleasant folk tune in his debut solo album Fear Fun.

Mykonos, Sun Giant, White Winter Hymnal, Blue Ridge Mountains, Helplessness Blues (Fleet Foxes) - Mykonos is heavenly, psychedelic and the ultimate musical bliss. Frankly I have listened it so many times over the last couple of years, I've lost track of the count. The replay button has been truly - for lack of a better word - raped, as they say!

Uma (Panama Wedding) - Catchy and slow-burning synthpop from Panama Wedding.

All I Got (RAC ft. Peter Moren) - Remix Artist Collective's immensely sing-along'ish melody, and that flute/tin whistle (?) in the background is an icing on the cake!

Cold Case Love (Rihanna) - Rihanna at her vulnerable best, and yet Justin Timberlake's influence is unmistakable, be it in the Mirrors-like beats in the end, or his trademark beatboxing!

Girls (Slow Magic) - Trance-like and wonderfully dreamy, Slow Magic's Girls is an arresting listen.

Wizards in Winter (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) - An orchestral splendour and an astounding symposium of sounds, no less.