Music Review: Mary Kom (Hindi)

Composer(s): Shashi Suman, Shivam Pathak
Listen to the songs online here: YouTube (Zee Music Company)

The rock-based Ziddi Dil's invigorating lyrics get an impactful vocal backing in Vishal Dadlani, while Shivam Pathak's Sukoon Mila in Arijit Singh's voice is your routine melody. The mellifluous Saudebaazi, again sung by Arijit, however fares much better. Salaam India gets the patriotic quotient quite right, with Dadlani, alongside Salim Merchant, competently handling the singing. Teri Baari, the second inspirational track, is Mohit Chauhan's show, as actor Priyanka Chopra surprisingly does a great job (when compared to her auto-tuned singles) in the hauntingly arranged lullaby Chaoro. The soundtrack's best belongs to Sunidhi Chauhan with Adhure, the folk arrangements perfectly complementing Sunidhi's fantastic rendition. Adhure and Chaoro are the bright spots in Mary Kom, not to forget Shashi Suman's noteworthy debut.