Jigarthanda: A Cool Drink to Quench Your Movie Going Thirst

There's simply no word to encapsulate the sheer brilliance that's Jigarthanda. Staunchly refusing to get out of my mind, the movie is exactly the kind of respite from the tripe we've been fed in the name of entertainment, and what's more, I am more than willing to watch it all over again for the fourth time just to soak in its magic. Not only is it meticulously conceived and realised on screen, its terrific attention to detailing, background score and cinematography take the film to an altogether whole new level. Santhosh Narayanan's rip-roaring musical score in particular, with its Western-Indian folk mix, is goosebump-inducing - especially the 'gibberish' Jigar song which makes complete sense in the context of the film! I also recommend you to read Reviewpuram's detailed analysis of the film:

This film will be remembered for breaking majority of the norms our writers have been following all these days. Villains can be funny. Heroes can outplay the villain without laying a finger on him. Second half can be even funnier than the first. The heroine can be a petty thief and think of cunning conspiracies. On the whole, Jigarthanda is a must-watch. *In the theatre*. The 120 bucks that you would pay, will be redeemed by the experience given by the 1st half itself. I am not giving a rating for this film. But simply saying, it would be worth every penny you pay. Go and experience it for yourself. A drink that serves it purpose of entertainment. >>